Plymouth Bound

So this was a surprisingly memorable weekend that I will cherish forever. It wasn’t just about George passing out the first phase of the Royal Navy, although this was very cool to witness, it was also a weekend surrounded by family (Dad, Nanna, Auntie, Uncle and Cousins). Weekends away with my family are currently a … More Plymouth Bound

Tour de Yorkshire

Tour de Yorkshire is one of the biggest cycle races in the UK and this year it came through my village, Skidby. In preparation for the race, local residents, the parish council and school children began to decorate the streets of Skidby. Unfortunately I couldn’t witness the race whizz through but I was able to … More Tour de Yorkshire

Gdańsk Getaway II

Where were we? Beer, beer, more beer and a drunken kebab. Sunday I woke up with a little sore head but nothing major, thankfully. The morning started with a brunch stop at Pomelo Bistro. This spot came up on one of my many foodie online searches. It was off the main street and had an … More Gdańsk Getaway II

Gdańsk Getaway

Most people know I love planning trips and getaways. I love hunting for the best deals. And I love browsing Airbnb and holiday websites. So I was happy to plan a trip for Daisy and I to reunite. This getaway began as a potential cabin break in the Welsh countryside. However after stumbling upon a … More Gdańsk Getaway

To Me, From Me

Some people collect shot glasses, some people collect fridge magnets; I on the other hand collect postcards from every place I visit. I can’t quite remember when this collection began but I’m going to guess around 2014. It might possibly be getting out of hand but I love how each one differs and reminds me … More To Me, From Me

Merry in Méribel

Back in February I went to France for a fun filled week of skiing, drinking and eating. It was probably one of the best skiing holidays I’ve had, apart from my Canadian ski trips (shush don’t tell anyone). I was 1 of 15 in the group, 5 of us drove and the lucky ones flew. … More Merry in Méribel