How to Work From Home

Are you working from home too? I have always been envious of those who are able to work from the comfort of their own home, have a flexible schedule and not have to get dressed. Well it all sounded so dreamy until that became my reality a couple of weeks ago. I may have slightly underestimated how easy it looked. A round of applause to those who are now laughing at us all adapting to this new way of work-life, when it has been their normality long before COVID-19.

I’m currently entering my third week of WFH and it hasn’t been easy. I’m also a relatively new starter at my job, so maybe this has affected my experience too. I’ve learnt that I work better in a team. I need friendly coworkers and a professional space to be more productive. I appreciate a proper desk space and chair. I actually miss my commute. It’s crazy but I’m learning to adapt and here’s what I’ve found so far…

  1. Get showered and dressed – I learnt this one pretty quickly. On my second day I stayed in my PJs till mid afternoon and then showered. I was more productive in those last few hours than I had been all day. Getting dressed doesn’t mean work attire. I just put normal clothes on, I’m trying to differentiate my lounge wear to my “work” wear.
  1. Set an hourly schedule – During my first week I set myself daily tasks. It went well and I was able to tick them off one by one. However I hit a brick wall at start of the second week. I struggled to stay on task. My mind was all over the place. I’m sure I’m not the only one still trying to process all the madness that is occurring right now. It would be weird to not to be distracted. So I started an hourly schedule. I still move things around, keep things flexible and plan my breaks. It’s mini milestones to hit throughout the day.
  1. Take regular breaks – I must have had a headache for nearly a week now. I’m drinking a lot (water, not booze surprisingly) and still suffering with a slight niggle. As a new starter I’m using these breaks to read and develop my recruiting skills. It gives my eyes a break from the computer and it is also a productive use of time. I also stretch my legs, do laundry and eat snacks. I can’t forget the snacks.
  1. Get outside daily – I know we have had “stay home” drilled into us for long enough now. I’m a firm believer that this will help us all eventually but it is also really important to get outside for my daily dose of fresh air. It clears my mind and helps me focus. I get serious cabin fever if I stay in for more than a day. So be safe, stay 2m away from anybody and get outside for a short walk, run or bike ride.  
  1. Stay in touch with your coworkers – We are all in this together. I have a daily call and a group chat which has allowed me to still connect with my new colleagues and certainly helped raise my mood on those days when everything feels like a struggle.
  1. Turn up the music – Thank you Spotify for your amazingly curated playlists. My go-to’s right now are Singalong Classics, Guilty Pleasures, Latin Party or my Release Radar. I also highly recommend Shagged, Married and Annoyed podcast by Rosie and Chris Ramsey. They make me laugh out loud.

I’m open to hearing all about your WFH experiences, so please share below. Who knows how long this will go on for so I’ll take all the help I can get!

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