The Road to Ronda

My Dad and I began our day trip to Ronda with a train journey to the airport to pick up a hire car. I’ve hired a fair amount of cars in Vancouver, so I never really trust a car rental company. You never get charged the amount you see online. It usually involves a lot of added extras and you just generally walk away feeling like you’ve been ripped off. On a more positive note, we drove off in our shiny, red Mercedes ready for the day ahead. Ronda, here we come.

Ronda is 750m above sea level. It is home to the Puente Nuevo which is a 98m high bridge crossing the El Tajo gorge. It took 34 years to build and the chamber above the central arch was once used as a prison. It is pretty impressive from all angles. The bull fighting ring is the oldest in Spain, built in 1784. Madonna also filmed a music video at the Palace of Marquis of Salvatierra in 1994. It is a relatively small city but picturesque and cultural nonetheless.

It was unbelievably hot the day we visited and when looking for a postcard for my collection I saw Ronda covered in snow. It was hard to believe it can snow there when my shins were even sweating. We wandered around the quaint streets, taking selfies and viewing the sights with the crowds of tourists. The sun was zapping our energy so we stopped for refreshments.

I would usually be embarrassed to admit that I ate McDonald’s in a foreign country but when chicken wings are on the menu, it’s another story. So yes I had a McDonald’s in Ronda and I’m not sorry about it. The chicken wings were worth it and I have zero regrets.

After locating the hire car in the car park we left it in, we drove to an alternative viewpoint of the Puente Nuevo. We went to the bottom of the El Tajo gorge so we could see it from below. It was a treacherous drive along a single track dirt road but totally worth it for the view. The bridge is impressively grand when it’s towering above you.

To cool down we headed to the Cueva del Gato, which translates to the Cats Cave for a spot of swimming. The entrance to the cave apparently resembles a cat, hence the name, however I could not see it. I was expecting a little more from this place. It could have been so much nicer if it was maintained frequently. Considering you pay an entrance fee to a random lady sat at a desk, I couldn’t help but wonder where the money was going. However it was extremely refreshing to dip into the crystal clear water after what seemed like the hottest day ever. And luckily for us, we were one of the only few people there. The caves are actually inaccessible and from my research, can be dangerous and deadly. On a less scary note, it was pretty and just what we needed before heading back to Mรกlaga.

On our way back, we drove through Puerto Banรบs and Marbella to see how the other half live. It was great for people watching and spotting ridiculously expensive cars. We stopped for an all you can eat sushi buffet in Fuengirola. We ordered copious amounts of sushi from a tablet before dropping the car back at the airport.

Thank you, Ronda. I had the best time with the best views and the best company.

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