28 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

Today marks my 28th birthday, so here I am sharing 28 things you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. I could eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and tea (aka dinner).
  2. I lived in Łódź, Poland for 5 months as part of a study exchange programme.
  3. I’m left handed. Why are people so surprised by this?!
  4. I have a degree in Photography from the University of Huddersfield.
  5. I used to be a Brownie and a Girl Guide.
  6. I did a PADI Open Water Diving course in Egypt.
  7. I got married in a church at the age of 5.
  8. I’ve applied for Canadian Permanent Residence and I’m patiently waiting for their decision.
  9. I have no tattoos and I’m happy about it. I know I would immediately regret it.
  10. I believe pineapple does belong on pizza.
  11. I was born with a club foot and I’ve had numerous operations to fix it.
  12. I can’t wear high heels but that’s ok because I’m 5ft9.
  13. My club foot also gave me different sized feet. My left foot is a size 4/5 and my right foot is a size 7.
  14. I’m terrible at saving money. “You only live once” is engrained in my brain but I am getting better with the help from Monzo. Everyone should have a Monzo card.
  15. I have green eyes and the straightest eyelashes. Thank god lash lifts exist.
  16. I’ve never done a bottomless boozy brunch and I really, really want to.
  17. I would love to buy a van, turn it into an epic house on wheels and do a mega road trip. This dream will come true one day.
  18. I’m a massive foodie (you probably already know that by now). I live to eat, not eat to live.
  19. My family are a crazy bunch who I love hanging out with. I’m not sure how I lived away from them for 2 years. I’m so thankful for FaceTime and WhatsApp.
  20. I had braces and now I don’t wear my retainer so they are slowly moving back. Biggest regret ever.
  21. I have my belly button pierced. Is this still fashionable?
  22. I rented a bike to Liam Neeson and Eva Longoria, separately.
  23. I’ve never been career driven and I’m learning that this is okay. I would love to be paid to travel and live comfortably with no financial worries. I’m still trying to figure out what I’d excel at.
  24. I have a special skill of cutting the correct weight of cheese I need. It shocks me every time.
  25. Mayonnaise is my go-to condiment and all it’s variations; like Cajun mayo, garlic mayo, truffle mayo etc.
  26. My Dad is a DJ. You can see him play at Tribfest in August.
  27. I enjoy all things artsy and creative; from galleries to outdoor murals and photography to arts and craft fairs.
  28. I have a few nicknames – Boulies Kid, Jessminda, Jabba, JB, Parmesan and the list continues.

I’m hoping 28 brings me endless amounts of fun, a bottomless brunch, a load of adventures and a new life in Canada. I’m not asking for much!

3 thoughts on “28 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

  1. Happy belated! You have had an interesting life I say! I think at 28, I had not done much of anything except go to school and have a boring internship. Love that you are not career driven. I probably wouldn’t be if I were 28 in today’s world! Jealous you were a photography major too. If I could do it all over again, THAT is what I would do and be some sort of photojournalist living in a mud hut in Africa. Alas, that’s not the path I took, but thats alright, life has been pretty amazing! Cheers to a new start in Canada!

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