The Pursuit of Poutine

After falling in love with poutine during my stint in Canada, I was desperate to find an English equivalent. Lo and behold I found an article on the Hull Daily Mail website dedicated to poutine spots in Hull. The Old House was featured and I planned a visit immediately.

Poutine – a Canadian dish of chips topped with cheese curds and gravy.

My Grandparents have followed my blog since day one and saw my foodie adventures unravel. So I wanted to show them what poutine was all about. I booked a table for my Mum, my Grandparents and I. I had perused the menu online beforehand; majority of the dishes had me salivating.

Shoot the Bull run this gourmet pub and street food empire. They also have a stall in the exciting Trinity Market. The Old House is one of the oldest pubs in Hull; you’ll see the wonky beams and photos of its former self hung on the walls. At a first glance, the restaurant looks small but rest assured there’s additional seating upstairs.

Image taken from their website

We ate from the bar menu. I ordered the sliders, black pudding mac and cheese balls and a sharing side of poutine. I couldn’t wait to tuck in when I saw it emerge from the kitchen. I cannot claim I’m a poutine connoisseur. I haven’t even had poutine from Quebec where it originates from. However this poutine was the closest to what I have eaten in my time. The cheese to chips to gravy ratio was perfect.

For those interested in the sliders, they included a fried chicken with a charred green chilli mayo and sweetcorn salsa, a 36hr slow cooked pork belly with Doreen’s black pudding and fruity brown sauce and last but not least a signature beef burger, truffle mayonnaise, rocket and parmesan. Sounds good right?!

Thank you to The Old House and Shoot the Bull team for fixing my poutine craving, I will be back for more. It was reasonably priced, delicious and generous portions. Whose coming with me?

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