23rd Dec

I am writing this a day late due to being slightly intoxicated yesterday evening.

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of rain. I texted my manager and asked nicely if I could have the day off to spend with my Dad. It wasn’t a problem. James had his work Christmas do so we had the day to ourselves.

We headed to Swap to pick my post up and introduced my Dad to the famous Maggie and Laura. They were watching Christmas films, they have the best job ever!

Next on the list was food and we were thinking sushi. Vancouver has many sushi places so I got a recommendation off Vanessa and we were on our way. We went to Sushi Itoga, located on Robson Street. It’s a small restaurant with one long table where you all sit and eat together. We got an assorted plate and sushi combo. This was my first proper sushi and I loved it.

It was still raining at this point in the afternoon so we went to Gastown to have a few alcoholic beverages. We started in Steamworks which is massive restaurant, bar and brewery. We sat in there for a long time. Perfect place to hide from the rain.

After James had met up with us we decided it was time to eat again. Food is always on our minds. We walked towards the Devils Elbow, a smokehouse restaurant.

En route to the restaurant we stopped for another beer at a very sketchy looking bar. I was definitely the youngest person in there but we had fun. In fact by this point I couldn’t keep up any more. I swapped the pints for halves.

Pin ball machines at the sketchy bar
James playing the pin ball machine whilst I played with my camera settings

We ate, it was disappointing. Not that I remember much of it. On our way home we passed a new apartment block with a swanky looking pool. I’ve passed it multiple times and always wanted to take a closer look. So with our alcohol fuelled minds we decided to test it out. James walked off shaking his head at us.

We got into the building and the lift very easy. We soon realised the lift wasn’t working and it won’t without a key fob. It wasn’t long until a couple of residents and two dogs got in the lift. I covertly started playing with the dogs to act “cool and normal”, probably far from that. As the residents got out the lift, I followed to see if I could see stairs. Then freaked out in case the lift doors closed. We could have easily got stuck in there. We ran away like little children after that.

This was a drunken snap so thought I’d share it with you for comedy value

Now you can imagine why I didn’t get round to writing this post earlier. I even fell asleep in my make up which I very rarely do. What a perfect first day with my Papa.

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