21st Dec

I was walking around Downtown today and thought to myself why is it so busy? I then remembered how close Christmas Day is, FOUR days away. It has literally creeped upon us.

It has been slightly different for me this year. I’ve done zero Christmas shopping, I’m sorry. My sister has been my little elf back home and shopped for me. I still haven’t sorted her present, my mum’s or my dad’s. I love being last minute however I actually thought I had more time. Don’t worry guys, I still have four days and you’ll get something.

I wish I had an endless amount of money so I could treat them to something they truly deserve. I do have the best family, ok I’m slightly bias but it’s the truth. We are very close-knit, even with 4576 miles between us. I’m not earning a great deal at the moment so I apologise for the small gifts this year. I’ll be more prepared next year, I hope.


I came to a realisation today that Vancouver has no dedicated card shops. Where do Canadian’s  get their cards from? There’s a Paperchase here but I wasn’t too keen on spending $6 on a card, which will probably end up in the bin next week. Where’s Clintons and Card Factory?

The countdown continues: I have two sleeps until my Dad arrives, four sleeps until Christmas Day buffet at the Fairmont Hotel and four days left at work until vacation time. I have an exciting few weeks planned and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Wish I bought this beauty earlier; complete with tinsel, lights and baubles!

This tickled me more than it should have…





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