2018 so far…

Where do I start? Firstly I apologise for the lack of content. I’ve had visitors and a house disaster so I’ve been a little preoccupied.

My Dad and cousin came to visit mid January for a couple of weeks. I couldn’t have wished for a better time. George learnt to snowboard and he smashed it. I’m sorry George but I genuinely you’d be a klutz on the snow. I take it all back, you did a great job! We did lots of skiing, lots of drinking and lots of eating.

With 4 days before they were due to fly home, we headed to Vancouver. I love Vancouver, I called it home for over a year. It was weird returning after 2 months away. It certainly lived up to its reputation as “Raincouver”. It did not stop raining during the 4 days we were there. Actually I take that back, it stopped raining for 2 hours which was perfect for a bike ride around Stanley Park seawall. We also went to watch the Vancouver Canucks play against the LA Kings. It was the first time I saw them win. Go Canucks!

Dad and George flew home on the 25th January. Who hates goodbyes as much as me? It was kind of relieving to think I’ll be home in 5 or 6 months so it’s not goodbye for long. After having a fun filled 2 weeks though, it’s always hard to return back to reality.

I then spent another night in Vancouver, catching up with friends. It was really lovely. I miss you guys. I went to Deep Cove for doughnuts. I played bingo in Kitsliano and I had breakfast at a 24 hour diner. It was short but sweet.

I took my first Greyhound back to Kelowna. It took roughly 5 hours and it was surprisingly pleasant. Plenty of leg room, comfy seats and power sockets. The only thing I could complain about is lack of WiFi.

Finally made it back to Big White late on the 26th January. Just in time for Australia Day. With so many Australians in Big White, Australia Day is taken very seriously. I met friends for a few drinks, nothing too crazy. I missed my little Big White bubble, it was nice to be back.

Then the unthinkable happened. I returned home after working the morning of the 27th January to water rapidly escaping my back door. My house flooded due to a burst water pipe next door. It was a scene I’ve never seen before in my life. It was two stairs deep. I couldn’t even walk into my bedroom. Luckily the fire department were dealing with the house next door which also flooded. They quickly came to my rescue and helped me move as much as possible upstairs.

I hysterically cried on FaceTime with my Mum. All my belongings were soaked. Things that are replaceable but it certainly didn’t seem like that at the time. I really wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. I was mainly worried about my MacBook, which I leave on the floor next to my bed everyday. And also all my postcards and art work I have collected since arriving in Canada. Those are memories I can’t get back. Luckily they dried out and are still intact. On the other hand my MacBook has gone to laptop heaven and my passport is unrecognisable.

It’s been nearly 2 weeks now. I’m living in the kitchen/lounge. Kerri has moved upstairs and Tash has moved out temporarily. It sucks, it’s shitty and it’s certainly taking its toll having 4 fans constantly going to dry the walls out. I just want to go back normal and enjoy the time I have left in Big White. I’m trying my hardest not let it ruin the last couple of months. Positive mind, positive vibes.

I do have a trip to LA booked at the end of March. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I finally get to see my sister after nearly 2 years apart and I’ll be seeing my best friend Horrex and her boyfriend, Trevor. I’m just a little excited, I mean very excited. Can we all just pray I get my new passport in time, thank you.


Day 559 out of 729

I’m still a little shell shocked that is already 2018. In fact we are already one week in. How and when did this happen? This also means I have just 6 months left in Canada which makes me feel incredibly sad.

I spent NYE house party hopping, firework watching, wine drinking and crisp eating. It was fun, until I had to work at 7:45am on New Years Day. I shouldn’t complain as I chose to work but I did appreciate the bacon and egg delivery at 10am. I also didn’t spend a penny so yeah it was a pretty good night.

Now that it is 2018, it is beginning to sink in that I have to leave Canada soon and to be honest I don’t really want to. Yes I want to see my family, my friends and my home but do I feel like I really belong there? Probably not. It is a daunting feeling, it makes me feel a bit sick inside. I’m definitely more nervous about coming home than I was coming to Canada.

Why don’t I just stay? Unfortunately I can’t, not right now anyways. It’s not as easy as just extending my visa. I need money, I need time. Both of which I don’t have right now. I should have started applying for permanent residency (PR) months and months ago. However I don’t want to be a permanent resident of Canada, I just want to be able to freely come and go as I please. I hate how final it feels that my visa expires on 27th June 2018. I can only get one 2 year visa and it’s nearly over.

I’ve met so many people recently who are just starting out on their 2 year visas. I am so jealous. They have such an exciting time ahead. I’ve been there and nearly done that. I’ve had an exciting time so far too. There’s things I would have changed or done differently. And there’s still a lot of things I want to do and see. Time is literally flying by right now.

So what next? To accomplish everything I want to do in Canada. To tick everything off my bucket list or get close to. To have a bloody good time and go out with a bang. Maybe I’ll come home and never want to leave. Maybe I’ll apply for Canadian PR from England. Maybe I’ll do a working holiday visa in New Zealand or Australia. How am I meant to decide? I’m hoping everything will just fall into place. Wish me luck.

I wrote this list back in March 2017 and I think I’ve done a good job at crossing most things off.

  1. Hike Joffre Lakes
  2. Do the Grouse Grind
  3. Visit Seattle
  4. Visit Portland
  5. Attend the Calgary Stampede 
  6. Visit Vancouver Island – Tofino and Victoria
  7. Go snowshoeing
  8. Go paddle boarding at Deep Cove
  9. Hike Garibaldi Lake
  10. Hike The Stawamus Chief
  11. Go wine tasting at Okanagan Valley
  12. Do white water rafting
  13. Visit Steveston
  14. See an ice hockey game
  15. Do the Whistler bungee
  16. Learn snowboarding – in progress
  17. Work in a ski resort
  18. Go to the Scandinave Spa at Whistler
  19. Visit Maligne Lake
  20. Visit Salt Spring Island
  21. Visit Bowen Island
  22. Go kayaking
  23. Ride a seaplane
  24. Visit Jasper
  25. Take advantage of the free National Parks pass
  26. Blog more frequently
  27. Take more photos

Come back soon to check on my updated bucket list and how I hope to spend my final 6 months in Canada.



Not your average Christmas Day

I love the countdown to Christmas Day but I do find it to be a bit of anti climax. The build up to Christmas usually begins the day after Halloween, everything changes from pumpkins and cobwebs to sparkly baubles and twinkly lights. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Christmas but after a month of preparing for it, it just goes by like any other day.

This year was the first Christmas away from my family. I was away last Christmas but my Dad came to visit me, check my Christmas Day 2016 blog post here. This year I’m in a fairly new place with new friends and it was tough. I wanted to work. I wanted to be busy so I wouldn’t mope around thinking about my Nanna’s cheddar prawns or the delicious cheese board I normally consume. I love being surrounded by family around the festive period. I enjoy not knowing what day it is. I love having naps after falling into a food coma. And it’s perfectly acceptable to drink prosecco for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


This is my Dad with my Nanna’s delicious and famous Cheddar Prawns

I took part in the Christmas Eve parade as a Who from Whoville, along with other members of staff from other departments. It was interesting to say the least. I got my hair done all crazy and Cindy Lou like. I then drank a fair bit of wine and went to Sam’s. I don’t really agree with getting drunk as on Christmas Eve. Who wants a hangover on Christmas Day?! However it happens most years so I went along with it.

So I spent Christmas Day 2017 at the Big White Rental shop, with a shit ton of hairspray and glitter still in my hair, serving customers on their Christmas holiday. It was fairly quiet, it was fun and it took my mind off home. In fact it just felt like any other day. The customers were extra nice, I appreciated them wishing me Merry Christmas and thanking me for working. Dinner was tricky, I had nothing that resembled a festive turkey or pigs in blankets. I last did a big food shop in Kelowna around 2 weeks ago, Christmas dinner didn’t even cross my mind back then. So Jemma and I decided we’d get pizza. It is already an unconventional day for both of us, so why not have pizza for dinner too. However the pizza shop was closed, Christmas Day was ruined. So we wandered down to the Happy Valley cafeteria to take advantage of our 50% off staff discount. They sold out of turkey, bloody typical. So I settled for a chicken dinner. It was ok.

You make the best of a situation and that’s what we did. It wasn’t one of my best Christmases but I had a good time. I felt part of my families day with multiple video calls and messages. I think they missed me as much as I missed them, or that’s what I hoped. Thank you to those who sent me money and Christmas cards. I’m sorry I didn’t send any money, presents or Christmas cards. I am on a very tight budget but you all deserve so much and more.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here’s my present from me to you…



First Impressions

I’ve been in Big White for 3 weeks now and it still hasn’t sunk in that I’m living in this snowy haven. So far I’ve been out skiing 6 days, not full days but a few runs here and there. I’ve had 2 snowboarding lessons. I’ve spent too much money on alcohol. I’ve met a lot of Australians. And most importantly I’ve learnt how to ration food.

A typical day at work consists of serving a handful of customers and then spending the remaining 7 hours chatting with my coworkers. It’s nice to get paid and make new friends but the time drags. I’m basically part time right now.  My bank balance doesn’t know what hit it. Not all the mountain is open yet so the beginning of the season is slow. I hear that it will get busy in the next week or so. So I’m trying not to fret about the measly 20 odd hour paycheck I’ll be getting next friday. On the plus side I’m doing half days and I have the next couple of days off so I hope to spend lots more time on the slopes.

I’ve skied since I was about 8 or 9 years old, according to my Mum. I can ski well and I love it. If you ever get the chance to go skiing, please do. It really is one of the best holidays you’ll ever have. Anyways I decided to give snowboarding a go. I have done a week of snowboarding before, many years ago. I went back to skiing because I can do it, I don’t fall over and I didn’t want to waste anymore valuable skiing time learning to snowboard. So with free lessons as one of our work perks, I thought why the hell not. My first lesson went well, my minimal snowboarding skills came back to me and I managed to get down the small bunny hill on toe and heel edge with turns. I was optimistic. I was thinking this could be it, I could swap to the dark side and snowboard from now on. Then I had my second lesson. It wasn’t as successful. It hurt, I fell, I had those similar thoughts “why am I doing this when I could be skiing, why do I have snow in my pants, why does my arse hurt”. I think I’ve given up already but I will never say never.


In my defence I was born with a club foot and I do hate to blame that when I can’t do something. In fact it makes me want to succeed even more. I have two very different sized feet so my rented snowboard boots were one size, like my ski boots may I add. This meant on my toe edge, the front of my left boot is empty. Therefore I have no strength in my left side so trying to brake on toe edge was proving rather difficult. It was painful actually. Maybe I needed better boots, maybe I should try two different sizes. Or maybe I should just stick to skiing where it doesn’t hurt and my foot is securely fastened in those stiff, extremely comfortable ski boots. Why try to make something work when it clearly isn’t working?

Ok I’m sorry for waffling about my first world problems. I am extremely grateful to be here. Every time I catch the views out the corner of my eye I think how lucky I am to be able to call this place my home. Don’t worry, it isn’t my forever home.

I have made a bucket list of stuff I want to do whilst being at Big White…

  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Tubing
  • Improve my terrible ice skating skills
  • See a Kelowna Rockets ice hockey game
  • Ice climbing
  • Possibly a dog sled tour (money dependant)
  • Try all the restaurants
  • Take advantage of discounts at other ski resorts
  • Ski as much as possible

I only have 119 days left before the resort closes. I need to make them count.




I’m a Ski Bum

So one of my dreams has come true. I am working in a ski resort for the winter season and I could not be more excited. I am a rental cashier at Big White Ski Resort and I started nearly two weeks ago.

I wasn’t super thrilled about leaving Vancouver behind. I had set up a whole new life there. I had a job and my friends. I knew Vancouver, I had been there for nearly 17 months and I loved it. But I have wanted to work in a ski resort since I can remember. I had to apply and take the risk. Although I was sad at the time, I am now happy in my new place surrounded by new people.

Big White is close to Kelowna, about a 4/5 hour drive from Vancouver. It is one of the largest ski resorts in Canada and I feel so lucky to be here. The resort itself opened last Thursday and I’ve been here over two weeks. We have had 187cm of snow. The snow bank outside my house just keeps getting higher and higher.


I’m not earning big bucks, I don’t have the dreamiest of jobs but I do get to ski for free for nearly five months. I have access to free lessons so I can learn snowboarding. I get free rentals on equipment and most importantly I get 50% off at some of the restaurants. Like most people say I’m definitely here for the experience and not the money.

So far I have learnt to budget my money wisely. It really doesn’t go far when you are working part time and earning just over $10 an hour. It is best to buy food in Kelowna and save your money for those essential alcoholic beverages at Snowshoe Sam’s or Session’s. My inner foodie is already struggling with not eating out as regularly as I’m used to. The advantage of this is I’ll probably lose some weight during the season, I’ll let you know how that goes.

Money is something I worry about a lot. I’m not very good at saving, when I have money I’d rather spend spend spend. You only live once, right?! Saying that it would have been more fun and less stressful if I did put extra dollars away before coming here. After paying rent, spending $100 on food and getting across to Big White I had about $100 to last me until my next unknown payday. My first payday was Friday and I spent my last $3 on carrot cake the day before. It is definitely do able but if you want to drink a lot and keep up with everyone else I’d say come with more than $100 to your name. The Big White website advised me to arrive with $3000 to get set up with. I was $2900 short but I made it work.

Accommodation is hard to come by in Big White. Luckily I kind of knew someone who was a massive help and got me a bed. Staff accommodation is sparse, my manager could only offer 7 beds for 40 members of staff. I’m sharing a room for the very first time. It was quite daunting arriving and not knowing who my roommate will be. However all is good because my roomie is lovely. Sharing a room is very common here. In fact having your own room is pretty impossible, unless you want to pay over $1000 a month.




Apart from my money troubles and accommodation struggles, the mountain lifestyle is something else. I take a gondola to work. It has snowed non stop for nearly 3 days. I don’t have access to McDonalds or a Starbucks. I know what you’re thinking, how is she coping? You unexpectedly lose half your leg in deep snow every now and then. Walking in snow is an effort, I haven’t seen a clear sidewalk in over two weeks. The snowy trees are out of this world. Snow makes everything look so pretty and magical. WiFi is everywhere, no need to use that whole 1GB of data I get every month. I can’t not mention the skiing too. We’ve had so much fresh “Okanagan champagne powder” (a phrase from one of the VP’s here) that the conditions have been unbelievable for an opening week. The amount of fresh powder makes up for the lack of visibility. Here’s to many more ski days and afternoons.






Mum and Daughter Vacation

My Mum came to visit and we had the best time.  She was here for a total of five full days and six nights. It was short but very sweet. I wanted to pack as much as possible into her stay and I think I achieved it. Our itinerary looked a little like this:


I did my last ever shift at Spokes. It was emotional but I was so excited to see my Mum in a matter of hours. I hadn’t seen her for a whole 495 days. I actually was a little nervous to see her, I guess I just wanted her to love Vancouver as much as I do. I took the skytrain to YVR airport and eagerly awaited her arrival. It seemed like the longest wait in the world and she didn’t recognise me at first. We exchanged a few tears and a big hug. We made our way Downtown to check in at the Executive Vintage Park Hotel. You don’t understand how excited I was to stay in a hotel with a comfy bed and blackout curtains. It certainly did not disappoint. We spent our first night feasting on burritos from Tacofino in Yaletown, followed by a G&T at the Morrissey Pub on Granville Street.


Reunited at last


I wanted to show my Mum the best places to eat so I already had written a list of places to go for various meals. Red Umbrella was on my breakfast/brunch list so our first morning was spent here. We actually waited 40 minutes for a table but it was definitely worth it. My Mum couldn’t come to town without riding the seawall around Stanley Park. After working in a bike rental shop for the entire time here I cannot recommend riding the seawall enough. It’s my number one thing to do in Vancouver, apart from eating obvisouly. So we went to Spokes and rented two cruiser bikes for the day. I guided her around Stanley Park and towards False Creek. We stopped at the Cirque Du Soleil tents to enquire about tickets for the same evening. Luckily they had tickets left so we made our way back to Spokes to return the bikes. We got a takeout Donair on our way to the hotel, basically a fancy doner kebab but I knew my Mum would love one and she did. The Kurios show by Cirque Du Soleil was amazing. I didn’t really know what to expect but it blew us away. A lot of talented performers and an initimate circus tent so all seats are close to the stage. I believe it is on till the end of December so you still can go.


We decided to test the breakfast out at the hotel, it wasn’t badly priced for a hotel breakfast and enough choice to fill you up for the day. The waffle station deserves a mention. I loved making my own waffles, topped with banana and syrup. I shared my favourite mode of transport with my Mum, the aquabus. We hopped on this to get to Granville Island. We wandered round the public market and the shops. Unfortunately we were so full from breakfast so no tasty food was consumed, apart from a few strips of candied salmon. Next on the agenda was a quick pit stop at the Swap office. It has played a huge part in my life during my time in Canada so far. They have helped me with so much over the past year and a bit so we popped into the office to say hi. In the afternoon we browsed the tourist shops in Gastown and had sushi. We filled our evening with hot dogs and beer watching the Vancouver Canucks lose against the Detroit Red Wings. Whether they win or lose, it’s always a cool atmosphere at an ice hockey match. My Mum enjoyed her first ice hockey game. The free beer was appreciated, thanks to you who cannot be named in case Rogers Arenas reads this (lol).


You can’t come to Vancouver and not visit Whistler. Whistler is great anytime of year so I didn’t hesitate to arrange a night here with the winter season looming. I hired a car from Enterprise (my go-to car rental company) and we were on our way in a shiny red Kia Soul. We stopped at the Galileo Coffee Company at Britannia Beach for a no whip mocha. The Scandinave Spa has been on my to do list for a long time so I was super excited to finally make a visit here. We hadn’t booked any treatments, just because they are pricey. Instead we opted for the paid entry into their outdoor spa which includes hot tubs, plunge pools, saunas, steam rooms and relaxation lounges. I believe it was $65 each plus a rental fee for a dressing gown. It was a very relaxing afternoon, even though we weren’t allowed to speak to each other. Yes there’s a no talking rule in place. The complimentary herbal tea is a must. Although expect a shot sized paper cup to decant it into. We had a small lunch in their cafe, slightly overpriced but also very tasty. Once all relaxed we made our way into Whistler village to check into the Summit Lodge hotel. The room was lovely, a small studio with your own kitchen and balcony. Of course we had to eat somewhere good for dinner. We got a recommendation off a fellow hotel guest in Vancouver, Pasta Lupino. We were drawn in by the “2 can dine for $40” meal deal. This included 2 courses with a bottle of wine. Our day ended with a stroll through the moonlit village of Whistler, stopping at the liquor store for a bottle of prosecco. If anyone saw my Snapchats from that evening, you will have seen that we were slightly tipsy.


A quick Google search gave me a few options for a cracking brunch in Whistler. We decided to go with closest, conveniently located next to your hotel. Elements Urban Tapas Parlour did not disappoint. Plenty of breakfast options with us both settling on an eggs benedict. It wasn’t just a traditional eggs benedict, it was an English Breakfast stack with tomato, mushroom, duck sausage and double smoked bacon. I’d like that again please. After probably one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in Canada so far, we walked around Whistler in the daylight. We made our way back to Vancouver, with a Tim Hortons pitstop and a scenic stop at Horseshoe Bay. Unfortunately no fish and chips were inhaled but we walked along the water and got some pictures. In the evening we glammed up and went for dinner at Black and Blue. It is a steakhouse with a fancy roof terrace. We had deep fried mac & cheese sticks and calamari to start with. We both had skewers for the main course, mine were steak, lobster and prawn. The meal was to die for, especially the truffle potatoes. To say we have eaten well this holiday would be an understatement.


Our final day called for another delicious brunch. We ventured to Jam Cafe and filled our faces with eggcellent eggs. This was our only day with a bit of rain so we got really lucky with the weather during the week. With that said it didn’t stop us going to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I’ve been before so this was purely for my Mum’s entertainment. The rain and time of year obviously deterred a lot of people so the park was empty. It was a nice change from last time I went in August. We found this time of year is a popular time for construction. A few places were working on upgrades and renovations, including Capilano. However it didn’t ruin our visit. After catching the free shuttle back to downtown we shopped till we dropped. We were out all day and then met Daisy and Rachelle for lebanese food at Nuba. This place is probably one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver. The food is amazing. Mum and I shared La Feast which is a vegetarian mezze sampler. We also shared a halloumi dish. Isn’t halloumi cheese just the best?!


Time was quickly running out. My Mum flew back to the UK mid afternoon so we only had the morning together. We had our last breakfast at the hotel then made our way straight to the airport. It is always sad saying goodbye but I’m so glad I got to share one of my last weeks in Vancouver with my Mummy, showing her where I live, eat, work and sleep. It was action-packed, full of lols and very “interesting” (private joke, sorry).

After reading this back, I am now extremely hungry and salivating at the thought of those delicious meals we had. Thanks Mum for the best time, see you really soon.


Vancouver Island – Tofino

On the drive into Tofino, we stopped by Long Beach. And yes it’s very long. It was very cold and grey but still amazing to see nonetheless.


I wasn’t expecting such a long drive into Tofino, it just seemed to never end. It’s a peninsula on the west side of Vancouver Island. It’s a very attractive and quaint seaside town. We had two nights booked at the Paddlers Inn. The room had 2 single beds and a double in a very strange layout but it added character.


We had a wander around on our first evening here. I felt strange in Tofino, like an outsider. I know I am but considering it is meant to be a place that attracts tourists I thought it would feel more welcoming. Anyways we were on the hunt for warm clothes. During our trip so far, we realised we hadn’t packed the right clothes. Or maybe not enough layers. We all didn’t expect it to be so cold so we spent the evening searching for cheap clothes and we failed miserably. All the shops closed so early. I guess we did visit just outside of peak season.

We spent the evening in the hotel, drinking and playing very aggressive snap. Then we had the pleasure of listening to a live band, in the legion club opposite our hotel. We laid in bed and could hear the full set. Who knew it could be so lively on a Monday night in Tofino.

In the morning we booked a kayak tour for the following afternoon. Kayaking is something I’ve never done and have wanted to do forever. So I was more than keen to take part in this activity. Luckily our hotel is also a base for a kayaking company so it worked out really well. Guests at the hotel get discount too.

We spent the morning hiking after getting a coffee and a breakfast pizza from Tofitian Cafe. The mocha was really good. The first hike we did was called Radar Hill. I wouldn’t call it a hike, it was very short but there’s a cool viewpoint at the end.


Oh Vicki, I miss you. Come back!


We drove a little further and walked the Schooner Cove trail. You walk along purpose made walkways and then you come out onto the beach. The forest you walk through is beautiful, so nice in fact I took no photos. I was too busy taking it in and trying not to tumble off the walkways. I took photos of the beach…




Photo fail but had to post for your entertainment


For lunch we had fish and chips at Big Daddy’s fish fry. It was actually a pretty decent fish and chips for Canadian standards. It just what we needed to fuel our afternoon of kayaking.


Our kayak tour lasted about 2-3 hours and cost around $60. We were lucky enough to have the tour guide to ourselves and we kayaked around a small island and back to the hotel. The tour guide was very informative and you could tell he enjoyed sharing his facts with us. He was very patient with us, considering Vicki and I were complete kayak virgins. I love being by the water so kayaking was right up my street. I didn’t fall in either, bonus. I’ll be kayaking again for sure.

In the evening we went to Tacofino. It’s a famous taco shop which originated in Tofino. There’s a store and a food truck in Vancouver. The original is a food truck too, I presumed it was a shop. Anyways it was the best tacos I’ve ever had. Just a shame you can’t enjoy them in the warmth inside. We also took a visit to the Tofino Brewing Company. I’m not one for fancy beers, lager is fine but it was nice to try beer you wouldn’t normally order. It is a small place though and they’ll only serve you if you have a space at the bar or tables. So expect a small wait but I’d recommend a visit.


We had a chilled evening, carrying on the intense snap and other card games. No live band to deal with this evening so we slept like babies. We didn’t have much desire to explore Tofino’s nightlife, if it actually exists. You do what you want to do on vacation.

Our final day was spent travelling to Nanaimo to catch the ferry to Horseshoe Bay. Nanaimo is closer to Tofino and Horseshoe Bay is way closer to Downtown Vancouver so this isn’t a bad route to take. We stopped for a McDonald’s on the way back because we had gone a few days without it. We also stopped at the Goats on the Roof for an ice cream. They have a ton of flavours and dairy free options too. My friends are slowly but surely having to cut dairy out their diet. I really hope it doesn’t happen to me, that would be a sad day.


I don’t think I would hurry back to Tofino or maybe I would in the middle of summer. I would like to try surfing and I need to get a postcard. I collect postcards from every place I visit. I’ve started framing them and hanging them on the walls in my bedroom. I didn’t get chance to get one from Tofino so I guess I need to go back just for that.


Vancouver Island is huge though, I need more time to explore there. Lots of outdoor activities to be done and wildlife to see. I’m still on the hunt to see a bear in the wild. My to do list for next time…

  • Visit the Sooke Potholes
  • Go tubing at Lake Cowichan
  • Explore Nanaimo
  • Visit Qualicum Beach
  • Explore Ucluelet
  • Island hop the Gulf Islands

Again, thank you to Vanessa for the panoramic photos.